Stop us if you've heard this one before, but the PlayStation 4 port of DayZ is really, really bad. It's one of the worst console ports we've ever had the displeasure of reviewing, and the experience hasn't gotten much better since its launch back in May. It's a bit confusing then that the game is already rolling out a new piece of paid DLC that introduces a second map when the first one isn't even fixed yet.

Announced via a new trailer on PlayStation's YouTube channel, Livonia is said to be "a 163km2 region of lush green landscapes, dense forestry, serene lakes, winding rivers, and… bears." That's all well and good, but the game is still completely broken on PS4. The original map continues to suffer from severe frame rate drops, bugs and glitches galore, and all manner of other issues.

It seems rather unfair on the player base that the game still has to be charging for another map when the first one isn't even in a good place, but PC players are even getting in on the frustration too. Just check out the game's Reddit page and you'll come across numerous posts sharing in the disappointment and frustration towards developer Bohemia Interactive. The PS4 version may still be terrible, but this is an announcement that not even the hardcore players can get behind.