Trials of Mana PS4 release date

Update: PlayStation has now confirmed the 24th April, 2020 release date in a new blog post that details the challenges behind bringing Trials of Mana to a completely new audience. Check it out through here.

Whoops, the EU PlayStation Store might have just gotten word out about an impending announcement a little early. It currently has a listing for the upcoming Trials of Mana in its pre-order section, with a release date of 24th April 2020.

It's nowhere to be found on the US Store just yet, but the remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 will be priced at £44.99 and comes with a collection of digital goodies if you pre-order. You'll get an Avatar set featuring six different characters and a piece of DLC named Rabite Adornment. We're not quite sure what that is exactly, but at least we can say that Trials of Mana now has a confirmed launch date.

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