THQ Nordic has announced Rebel Cops, a spin-off from the This Is the Police series that takes it in a slightly different direction. This time around, the game is fully focused on turn-based tactical gameplay, similar to games like XCOM 2 or Invisible Inc.

You'll take control of a squad of ex-police officers as they attempt to take down a powerful crime lord. The above trailer gives us a pretty good look at how the title plays, but it's about what you'd expect. There's an emphasis on stealth and coordination as you take down the bad guys as efficiently as possible. One twist is that the game doesn't feature hit points; instead, if a teammate is shot, they may bleed out if you don't get to them in time. It seems the quiet approach will be your best bet.

Rebel Cops is out on 17th September 2019 for PlayStation 4. What do you think of this spin-off? Plan your next move in the comments below.