The Last Of Us 2 Release Date Predictions

Can you believe that it's been over 15 months since we last saw The Last of Us: Part II in action? There have been plenty of interviews and rumours and other kinds of minor coverage since, but the last time we actually got to see Naughty Dog's sequel was at E3 2018. Maybe things would have been different had Sony shown up to this year's E3, but the Japanese giant just wasn't interested.

It's not like any of that matters now anyway, as we're just hours away from The Last of Us: Part II's return. Set to be the headline act of Sony's next State of Play broadcast, which airs on the 24th September (that's tomorrow at the time of writing), we're expecting big news. What constitutes as 'big news', exactly? Well, let's discuss.

The Last of Us 2 State Of Play Trailer

First thing's first: we think The Last of Us: Part II is getting a release date tomorrow. A February 2020 window has been rumoured and 'leaked' and maybe even hinted at numerous times over the last year or so, and we reckon it's happening. A release date reveal to close out State of Play? It almost seems inevitable with all the hype that Naughty Dog's been building across social media.

But what else will be shown? Sony has said that this State of Play will last roughly 20 minutes, and while we don't think The Last of Us: Part II will pad out the entire thing, we do think it's due another relatively meaty trailer. Not necessarily gameplay, but a story-focused trailer with the aforementioned release date attached.

Now here's where our predictions get a little juicier: we're betting on Joel playing a part in this trailer. That's right, the rugged father figure of the first game is finally going to show his face, and we're either going to see him in detail, or we're just going to have to settle for a quick cameo at the end. In any case, his appearance is gonna send the hype machine into overdrive -- exactly what you want before slapping the release date on-screen.

The Last of Us 2 Joel

So what about an official multiplayer announcement? How about some new gameplay? Here's the thing: there's also a media event happening tomorrow where select members of the press will be shown The Last of Us: Part II. As such, it's highly likely that previews and interviews full of fresh information will be heading our way over the next couple of weeks. It's safe to assume that State of Play is just the start, with the title's marketing campaign really kicking into gear over the coming months. In other words, there's going to be plenty of time for additional reveals.

That's about it as far as our predictions go, but what do you think we'll see from The Last of Us: Part II during tomorrow's State of Play? Feed us your own expectations in the comments section below.