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It's no secret that Sony's Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has a soft spot for Dreams. He's expressed his love of the ambitious game from Media Molecule many times over the years, but in a new interview with PlayStation Asia, he calls it one of his "favourite projects ever". That's a pretty bold statement from a man who's been at the platform holder for decades.

Speaking of decades, Yoshida went on to say that Sony has high hopes for Dreams: "We have a 10 year vision for Dreams to keep growing with the community," he says. He goes on to discuss early access, which seems to be the first step on this journey. It's allowing creators to wrap their heads around the toolset, collaborate with each other to make cool things, and provide feedback to the development team.

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It's an interesting comment, because the timing means that Sony envisions the project lasting through to the PS5, and probably even beyond that. Obviously the next-gen machine is backwards compatible, so Dreams will work on the console as a PS4 title, but could this long-term plan mean a PS5 port is on the cards as well? We certainly wouldn't count it out.

So, Sony seems to have the utmost faith in Dreams, but what do you think? Do Yoshida's comments inspire confidence? Daydream in the comments below.

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