In a departure from the team's usual output, Hi-Rez Studios has announced its latest new title: a team-based third person shooter called Rogue Company. You can get your first look at the game in the above trailer, which includes a brief look at gameplay.

Details are fairly vague right now, but it sounds like your typical multiplayer shooter. The set-up is that you're a Rogue Company mercenary, hired to carrying out the world's most dangerous missions, and you'll have to team up with fellow soldiers to get the job done. This means plenty of objective based modes, and you'll apparently be able to customise your merc with various weapons, skins, and all that usual stuff.

The game will also feature cross platform play across all systems. We imagine that will include PlayStation 4 as well. It's coming at some point in 2020, so there's plenty of time to learn more. What do you think of Rogue Company? Dive out of a helicopter and into the comments below.