Darth Maul
Image: Space.ca

Beat Saber has to be one of the coolest games to watch from a distance and play yourself, but one Twitter user just took things a step further. User @KathrynGamer put out a short clip of the PSVR title being played with a staff, and combined with in-game footage, it's something we need to try out for ourselves. Check it out below if you, like this scribe, believe that Darth Maul was far and away the best thing about the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


This is clearly only possible in the PC version of the game, on the likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but it's still a pretty impressive clip all the same. We'll have to stick to our two PlayStation Move controllers for now, but maybe this is an idea for Beat Saber 2? Beat Games, we hope you're watching. It's a sneaky tactic that Push Square editor's Sammy Barker and Stephen Tailby could implement to get one over the other in their ongoing beef, though.

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