Persona 5 Royal is set to make a number of changes to the existing Persona 5 story. While the overarching narrative will remain the same, both brand new and altered scenarios are going to shake things up a bit. Case in point: the game's prologue has been overhauled, and now features an appearance from Kasumi Yoshizawa -- Royal's new Phantom Thief.

Uploaded by Persona Central, the footage above runs us through the remixed prologue. Kasumi's introduction is unsurprisingly stylish, and she seems to have been slotted into the story with care. It'll be interesting to see just how many alterations Royal makes throughout the narrative.

Persona 5 Royal still has a vague "Spring 2020" release window here in the West, but with the title out soon in Japan -- 31st October -- a confirmed date should be heading our way in the relatively near future.