Best known for its work on Oxenfree, developer Night School Studio returns to PlayStation 4 next month with a trip to hell. Afterparty is the studio's next title, and it hits Sony's system on 29th October.

It's not an easy task describing what Afterpart is exactly, but basically, you'll take control of two best friends who have found themselves in hell. Satan is willing to grant you entry back to Earth, but you'll have to out-drink him for that to happen. Milo and Lola will be able to order over 30 drinks from a bar that sports beer pong, dance-offs, and shot stacking competitions. It seems to be very much a narrative-based experience with choices along the way that'll shape the relationship the two best mates share.

The game will pay close attention to how you shape your Milo and Lola; who you relate to more, whose plans you follow through with, and ultimately how you navigate the benefits and compromises of their friendship. By the end of the game, their relationship will be completely formed by your choices.

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