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It’s by far the best basketball game in town, but 2K Sports has flown far too close to the hoop with NBA 2K20, and fans are calling for public firings following the release of the simulation last week. Tempers frayed a few weeks ago, when a trailer for the title’s MyTeam mode – essentially Ultimate Team with more New Era hats – showcased a slew of gambling-inspired mini-games. Ever since then, the community has been baying for blood.

And while the latest entry in the series plays a great game of ball, there are issues with the servers, as well as some nasty glitches doing the rounds. Of course, all of this has prompted a social media campaign, with the hashtag #Fix2K20 trending in some countries over the weekend. Meanwhile, community manager Ronnie 2K has taken a ton of flak, with some fans calling for his head with the #FireRonnie2K hashtag.

It’s all getting a bit ugly, and once again demonstrates how players are tiring of some of this generation’s more unpleasant aspects. However, while we encourage fans to voice their grievances, we’re not keen on it getting personal; Ronnie 2K’s unlikely to have much input into the development of the game, and he certainly can’t be held accountable for bugs and microtransactions. Make some noise, but don’t be a d*ck about it, yeah?