It's a good time for PlayStation 4 if you're a fan of tycoon games. There are several on the way, including Two Point Hospital, Big Pharma, and now Megaquarium. This marine management sim is all about building your very own aquarium, and looks to draw inspiration from classics like Theme Park.

On the PlayStation Blog, it's described as a highly customisable game. You'll be able to choose which fish to show, the layout of your aquarium, and customise exhibits to your liking. Hiring staff and ensuring visitors are kept happy are on the agenda too, of course. The developer Twice Circled went to great lengths to ensure each creature is represented accurately, and each species will have different requirements to fulfil. If you like, you can also go into first person mode and visit your own aquarium.

It sounds like it could be pretty good. Megaquarium is out on PS4 on 18th October. What do you think of it? Will you be building fish tanks when this releases next month? Dive into the comments below.