The reason Shenmue means so much to so many people is because it was one of the first titles to truly transport players to a different place. The inaugural instalment, set in Yokosuka, Japan felt claustrophobic yet homely, while the sequel took protagonist Ryo Hazuki to the foreign shores of Hong Kong.

Shenmue III looks to be bridging the gap between the two if this fly-through its environments is indicative of anything at all. Bailu Village, the first area from the release, appears rural and picturesque, while the riverside setting of Choubu seems to channel the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong in a much more compact space.

Look, the visuals aren’t going to win any awards in this day-and-age, but the artstyle is distinctly Shenmue – it’s nostalgic, endearing, and every inch of its world is begging to be explored. Frankly, we’re astounded by just how well this project has managed to come together. There’s not long now until 19th November.