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How do you kill Warden Garcis in The Surge 2? How do you beat Warden Garcia? The game's first boss is no push over, but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of him. Here's how you beat Warden Garcia in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Warden Garcia in The Surge 2

You'll encounter Warden Garcia very early on in the campaign, just after a mechnical monster attacks a group of enemies ahead of you behind a currently locked door. Enter the small combat arena and be prepared to dodge his attacks. Coming equipped with a drone that can fire at you from a distance, you'll need to avoid taking hits from it as well as Garcia's own swings. Some shots that he himself makes leave a pool of fire in their wake, so make sure you don't step foot in them after the fact otherwise you'll start to take damage.

His attack patterns consist of various lunges at you when you create ground between the two of you, while at close range he can leap into the air and come back down with a devastating aoe attack. In order to actually beat him, you'll need to dodge his swings and hits and quickly dash in for a few slashes yourself before retreating again.

Baiting out his lunge attack is a great way to gaurantee yourself a few free hits, just make sure you're out of the way when he makes his move. If you'd rather block than dodge, the Directional Parry Analyzer Implant comes in great use here, as parrying attacks leaves him wide open for attacks.

Whichever tactic you prefer, continue to wail on him when the time is right and you'll have shredded his health bar apart in no time. Don't forget that targetting unarmoured parts of his body will increase your damage.