The Surge 3

How do you kill Little Johnny in The Surge 2? How do you beat Little Johnny? The game's second boss is a great test of skills and strength, but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of it. Here's how you beat Little Johnny in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Little Johnny in The Surge 2

While Little Johnny does indeed have a gigantic health bar, the main objective of the fight is to destroy the five cooling tanks located on different parts of its armour. You'll find two on the underbelly of the main cockpit and a further three on each of its legs, which are the ones we recommend you target first.

The legs will be a constant nuisance as you attack them, stomping the ground to make you retreat and making large swings across the ground. Simply dodge out of the way of any hits you're about to take, and dash back in to break down its armour. Once you've done that for each of the three legs, things become a little tougher.

You're now going to need to target the two cooling tanks on the main cockpit, but getting up close and personal brings with it a lot more risk. Little Johnny can crash onto the ground when you're nearby and take out nearly your entire health bar in one hit, so head in with caution. Stick close by and as soon as the robot has finished an attack pattern, quickly jump in for a few free hits before backing out again.

It's tough finishing this section without getting hit, so at points it'll turn into a war of attrition. Expect to take damage, but the attacks you make will charge up your battery meter and give you more chances to heal. Once you've taken out both cooling tanks on the main body, you've won the fight.