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How do you kill Archangel Eli in The Surge 2? How do you beat Archangel Eli? The game's final main boss is a difficult one, but we can employ a few simple tricks and tactics to get the better of him. Here's how you beat Archangel Eli in The Surge 2.

How to Beat Archangel Eli in The Surge 2

And here it is, the game's final boss. Everything you've accomplished has been leading up to this moment, and your prize is a pretty spectacular last battle. Archangel Eli has an attack that can hit you at every range, from close-up strikes to nanites that can be either thrown at you or pulled out of the ground. Obviously, you'll want to avoid all of them with your dodge.

It's the arms you'll want to focus your damage on when you get the chance because they are what provide Archangel Eli with various buffs. They improve the nanites he can launch at you from above so putting a stop to that should be at the top of your essentials list. Elsewhere, do the usual dodging and blocking if you really need to as well as managing your health bar well and you'll have beaten this boss, and indeed the entire game, in a fair amount of time.