The brief glimpses we've had of the new GRID on PlayStation 4 have been pretty promising. The racing series is making a return, and it seems like it's going to be another robust entry. The latest trailer, embedded above, shows off a new track - namely Sydney Motorsport Park - as well as the Honda CRX MightyMouse.

Over the footage, two chaps from the development team discuss the title's modes. In career mode, you'll be able to tackle six threads with 13 events on each before you qualify for the world series. There's also a free play mode where you can set up custom events. As far as multiplayer goes, it sounds pretty standard. A quick play option will matchmake you with other players and plonk you into a race. If you want more control, you can set up your own events and invite friends.

We're rather looking forward to GRID when it crosses the finish line in October. What do you think of it? Toot your horn in the comments below.