The Last of Us Part II PS4 PlayStation 4

The Last of Us: Part II has us playing as a 19-year-old Ellie, and it sounds as though she's going to be a far more agile protagonist than old man Joel. Though not as physically strong as her adoptive father, Ellie is set to have far more manoeuvres up her sleeve to get herself out of harm's way.

Firstly, there's a dedicated jump button you'll use to leap over gaps, hop over fences, or clamber up ledges. This allows you to get to higher vantage points to scope out hostile areas, or simply explore the world more and find supplies. Equally as important is a dodge move. Ellie will be able to sidestep incoming attacks, giving you that little bit more flexibility in combat.

In terms of stealth, she's now also able to go prone. You'll want to sneak through some areas, and the lower you are to the ground the better. While this won't protect Ellie from everything - baddies can still spot her in this state - it's another new way to tackle The Last of Us: Part II's unforgiving world.

Having a more nimble player character should make for a more dynamic sequel. What do you think? Jump into the comments below.