Ikumi Nakamura GhostWire Tokyo

Remember Bethesda's shockingly awful E3 2019 press conference? One of the event's only highlights was seeing the enthusiastic Ikumi Nakamura take to the stage and introduce the intriguing looking GhostWire Tokyo. The creative director won over the hearts of many with her obvious passion, but as it turns out, Nakamura is actually leaving developer Tango Gameworks.

Based on what we know, Nakamura has played a pivotal role in crafting GhostWire Tokyo thus far. She's credited as creative director, story writer, and scenario writer, as well as concept artist. In short, it sounds like GhostWire is largely her project. The fact that she's now leaving it behind makes us wonder what'll become of it. After all, we haven't actually seen the game in action yet; aside from a CG trailer, Nakamura is the only connection we have to the title.

What do you make of this? Are you sad to see Nakamura go? Wish her all the best in the comments section below.

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