Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation 4

Is it weird that we now don't see anything strange about the Bridge Baby in Death Stranding? We've seen the child almost as much as Sam Porter Bridges himself, and it now almost feels natural for Norman Reedus to be carrying around a baby in an incubator full of golden liquid. Of course! The infant is a big part of the mysterious narrative, acting as a bridge between the two worlds, and helping Sam find the dangerous BTs.

It's important, in other words, and so you'll need to look after it as you traverse the desolate United States. If the baby is stressed or scared, it'll get upset and start crying, and you'll need to calm it down. Now, Hideo Kojima has revealed that, for added immersion, you can have the baby's voice transmit through your DualShock 4's speaker.

To have a blockbuster game send a baby's laughs, calls, and cries through your TV is one thing, but to have it coming from your controller will certainly add to the effect. It's one of those features you might have to try once and see if you like it -- but expect some weird looks if others are in the room.

What do you think of this? Will you have the Bridge Baby's voice playing through your PS4 controller, or stick to the traditional method? Don't throw a tantrum in the comments below.