Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer PS4 PlayStation 4

There's been an element of will-they-won't-they when it comes to multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077. Developer CD Projekt RED has spoken about its possible inclusion many times. Very recently, senior concept artist Marthe Jonkers commented on the matter: "We're not saying no multiplayer, but it doesn't mean we're saying yes either. It's still an R&D phase," he told Eurogamer.

Things have changed between now and then, as the studio has officially announced multiplayer is on the way for the sci-fi RPG.

Multiplayer is officially coming to Cyberpunk 2077. The team is now recruiting specifically for this aspect of the game. According to the above tweets, the feature will be deployed after the game's launch in April 2020, and even after some free single player DLC. Sounds like we might be waiting a little while, then, but it's nice to know multiplayer is definitely in development. This was already a mammoth project, but with multiplayer being added later, Cyberpunk 2077 is shaping up to be an absolute monster.

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