Borderlands 3 Sales Copies Sold

It's safe to say that Borderlands 3 has been a hit. Publisher 2K has revealed that the looter shooter sold more than five million copies over its first five days on the market, making it the fastest selling release in the company's history. An impressive result.

Interestingly, 2K says that over 70 per cent of those sales were digital. Obviously that's taking PC numbers into account, but it's still a significant statistic. As for how Borderlands 3 stacks up to its predecessors, Borderlands 2 currently sits at a crazy 20 million units or thereabouts, so this latest instalment still has a lot of catching up to do. That said, if Borderlands 3 can remain popular for as long as Borderlands 2 has, then it's in with a chance.

Clearly Borderlands is going nowhere, but we do wonder whether the wait for the next game in the series will be quite as lengthy as it was for Borderlands 3.

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