Well, we won't beat around the bush: the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live broadcast was a bit rubbish. But following approximately an hour and a half of mostly lukewarm trailers and announcements, host Geoff Keighley revealed his true goal: to get Hideo Kojima on stage for a full thirty minutes. Yes, this was basically a Death Stranding press conference in disguise.

And yes, we did finally get to see some uncut gameplay. While we doubt that the footage is going to silence the "walking sim" criticisms, it undeniably looks interesting. On his quest to deliver a package to some kind of facility up in the mountains, main character Sam interacts with a holographic character, whose likeness is based on Geoff Keighley. It has to be seen to be believed. Oh, and you can pee.

So, er, yeah, how about that Death Stranding? Give the gameplay a look and let us know if this is Game of the Year material in the comments section below.