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It feels like THQ Nordic could announce a new game it's putting out every other week at this point, but the publisher is actually planning on hitting us with a triple whammy in a couple of days at Gamescom. It's bringing three unannounced games to the show.

A couple of these will most likely be unveiled at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event on Monday, with THQ Nordic being one of 15 publishers that are set to debut new footage and titles. We can't imagine them revealing all three at once, however, so expect at least one to be saved for the publisher's live streams throughout the convention.

As for what these games could be, though, we really don't know where to even begin. One of the titles is described as "THQ Nordic's first grand strategy game", which only narrows down the list somewhat. With a staggering 48 unannounced games currently in development back in February, which the publisher has surely added to since, these three titles could be pretty much anything.

Do you have any guesses? Share your predictions in the comments below.

[source playstationlifestyle.net, via nerdstar.esport-mania.de]