Everyone loves emulating the Rockstar Games approach to trailers nowadays - a voiceover that plays while gameplay does just as much talking as the description the female narrator is giving you. The Surge 2 mixes things up as a male takes control, but it's just as effective at explaining what the game is all about.

The act of targeting an enemy's specific body parts returns in order to acquire loot, while brutal executions dial up the gore a notch or two. We get a brief glimpse at a character creator which is said to affect your experience, while a gear page gives us a glimpse of what stats we'll be tracking as level-ups occur. Different character builds are supposedly a major part of The Surge 2, meaning multiple playthroughs might be worthwhile.

This sequel is looking much, much better than its predecessor - which we thought was pretty bang average. Are you excited for The Surge 2? Slice off some limbs in the comments below.

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