If you've been waiting to see SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated in action, IGN's got your back. This 12-minute video shows off the remake's playable demo from Gamescom 2019, culminating in a boss fight against none other than the King Jellyfish. While the graphics aren't going to blow anyone's minds, it's not looking too shabby, either.

SpongeBob has nicely expressive animations, and the colourful art style suits the nautical cartoon world down to the ground. Naturally, it's a big improvement on the original PS2 title, although it's hard to tell at this stage whether gameplay has been refined as well. Hopefully this new version won't suffer the same camera issues that were present in the initial game.

There's still lots of time before Rehydrated is ready - this footage is pre-alpha - but things are looking pretty decent ahead of the 2020 launch. Are you excited for this SpongeBob revival? Catch some jellyfish in the comments below.

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