Days Gone PS4

Sony seems to like sending free PlayStation 4 dynamic themes to those players that did everything there is to do in its games, and it appears that Days Gone is no different. If you got the Platinum Trophy in Deacon St. John's inaugural adventure, you may have a sweet theme sitting in your inbox right now if you reside in the US.

As reported by PlayStation Universe, the theme is a rather eye-catching blend of our protagonist escaping the clutches of the Freakers in the lower portion of the image, while key story characters set the scene in front of a sunset. The game's main theme song plays over the top of it all.

Apparently, this is only available for US players and you must have the option for Sony to send you promotional emails set to active in order to potentially receive the theme. Nevertheless, It's a nice companion piece to other free trinkets PlayStation has sent out for the completion of other first-party titles like God of War.

Have you been sent this theme too? Do you like it? Frame it on your bedroom wall in the comments below.