Gamescom 2019 Rating Poll

The general feeling around the Push Square office is that Gamescom 2019 has been pretty darn dull. Much like E3 earlier in the year, it feels like publishers are now holding back for next-gen -- the bottom line is that there just isn't much new stuff to show. In fact, you could say that things have felt muted 2019 in overall, even when it comes to the release schedule.

But every generation has these kinds of lulls -- and they usually occur as next-gen hardware looms large on the horizon. With all that said, did you enjoy Gamescom this year? Did it live up to expectations? Did you even have any expectations for the Cologne-based event? Have your say in our polls, and then give is an honest opinion in the comments section below.

Did Gamescom 2019 live up to your expectations?
Which was better: E3 2019 or Gamescom 2019?