Forbidden Siren Game Hd Wallpaper 1920x1080 13823

We got our knickers in a twist when we spotted a new thread over on ResetEra that was speculating whether PlayStation Japan was teasing a new Siren game via Twitter. A new entry in the survival horror franchise that was abandoned after its PS3 entry? Sign us up!

Unfortunately, however, it's not actually a tease at all. The Twitter account said: "August 3, 2019 0:00 Enters the strange first world.", or at least that's what Google Translate tells us. The problem is that the time in question has already been and gone in Japan, and it turns out the tweet was made in relation to a yearly Siren exhibition anyway.

So, our hopes and dreams have been dashed once more. Although, we wouldn't say no to that t-shirt the mannequin in the image above is wearing. It looks like we'll have to wait for that remake of Siren: Blood Curse a little bit longer, if it even exists at all. Do you want a new entry in the Siren series? Hide from your fears in the comments below.