Project Resistance Resident Evil

Earlier today, Capcom teased 'Project Resistance' -- a new title in the Resident Evil series. As you'd expect, speculation was rampant almost immediately. Is it Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil 3 Remake? Something completely new? We don't have concrete answers yet, but fresh evidence does suggest that Project Resistance is some kind of co-op or multiplayer title.

Discovered by wily fans, small images from the project's yet-to-be-released trailer -- which is releasing on the 9th September -- show a group of four weapon-wielding characters. These images have since been enlarged, and so we've included them in this article.

They really do scream "co-op", don't they? Project Resistance could end up being a successor to Resident Evil Outbreak -- a PS2 title that, all the way back in 2003, made use of the console's limited online functionality.

Would you be up for a co-op Resi experience? Survive in the comments section below.

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