One of the recurring motifs in Remedy's games for a number of years now has been its inclusion of music by Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall. Starting with 2003's – wow, that's a long time ago – Max Payne 2, Poets have featured on every Remedy game going forward. The exception is Xbox exclusive Quantum Break, but there were plans to include them at one point according to Sam Lake.

They provided the credits song, Late Goodbye for Max Payne 2, before providing not one but three tracks for the sublime Alan Wake. Two of the tracks were made under fictional band The Old Gods of Asgard and factored heavily into the game's narrative, while the track War from their album Twilight Theater showed up as well. The band also provided an additional track as The Old Gods for Alan Wake spin-off, American Nightmare.

Fast forward to 2019, and Control is set to feature new Poets music as well. As Sam Lake and band frontman Marko Saaresto recount the history between the two outfits, they also reveal that Control will feature track My Dark Disquiet off of Poets' latest album – and the best track on the record – Ultraviolet.

And that's not all. Lake also teases that we can expect something new, never seen in a game before. What could he be talking about? A music video that exists within the environment of the bureau of control? Something way out there? Luckily we don't have long to wait. The game releases in a few short days. Let us know what you think it could be in the comments section below.