It's hard to be totally original these days, but a striking art style will certainly help. It's what initially caught our attention when we discovered Minute of Islands; as you can see in the reveal trailer, its hand-drawn aesthetic is really lovely.

This game, coming to PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2020, is about a young mechanic named Mo who travels to a mysterious archipelago where giants and humans co-existed. You must explore the islands, solve puzzles, and discover ancient technology in order to help prevent a dormant threat. We know very little about the gameplay itself, but it looks like you'll be speaking with residents and using a device called an Omni Switch to fix things and solve environmental puzzles.

We're definitely intrigued. It's not out for a while yet, but hopefully we'll learn more about the game soon. What do you think of Minute of Islands? Sail into the comments below and let us know.