Bloody hell, the floodgates have opened! A tidal wave of new Borderlands 3 gameplay has hit the web, with various sites, channels, and streamers uploading recently recorded preview sessions. These videos gives us our best look at the upcoming looter shooter yet, with in-depth looks at combat and specific character abilities. Above, you can find the official PlayStation Underground take.

Next up, some high level FL4K gameplay from Arekkz -- a must watch if you're thinking about maining the robot beastmaster:

Eurogamer also goes hands on with FL4K in their preview:

Meanwhile, YouTuber and streamer MrMattyPlays has almost an hour of gameplay footage to chew on:

And finally, yet more FL4K gameplay from Game Informer:

Has all of this fresh footage got you hyped for next month's release? Hoover up some top notch loot in the comments section below.