Final Fantasy Viii Remastered Squall Face

You know that scene in Final Fantasy VIII where Rinoa is at the Balamb Garden graduation ball thing, and she chats Squall up by telling him that he's "the best looking guy here"? Except due to the game's now primitive character models, Squall barely had a face? Well, in the upcoming remaster, our uncaring hero actually looks human -- he's got big blue eyes and everything. You can check out the remastered scene below.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Squall

The original PSone exchange ended up becoming a bit of a meme due to how pixelated Squall's mug was, but when Final Fantasy VIII Remastered launches later this year, the gunblade-wielding teen will finally have the face that Rinoa always wanted.

On a serious note, we hope to see more of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered soon. The game was announced back at E3, but we've heard very little about it since. Are you looking forward to replaying Final Fantasy VIII? Maybe this'll be your first time? Pick out the best looking guy in the comments section below.