Fifa 20 Career Mode Manager

For anyone who plays career mode in FIFA, this is going to be a very welcome change. When playing as a manager in past games, you'd have to choose an avatar from a frankly awful roster of pre-made middle-aged men. Most looked daft, the rest looked terrible.

Thankfully, that's no longer the case in FIFA 20. This year's release will let you create your own custom manager -- male or female. You're able to change their body type, skin tone, facial features, clothing, and hairstyle. You can even kit them out with various accessories.

What's more, developer EA Sports is making some gameplay alterations to career mode. You'll actually see your manager take part in press conferences now, you can have one-on-one chats with players, and it'll be your job to keep your squad's morale up. With a happy group of players, you can increase their form and overall ratings. Hopefully it all makes career mode more engaging.

Are you glad to see the back of those pesky pre-made managers? Create your own Klopp in the comments section below.

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