Techland has just lifted the lid on its E3 2019 gameplay demo for Dying Light 2, which has only been shown to press that took to the Los Angeles convention centre show floor until today. It's a lengthy piece of footage that details a number of new mechanics, locations, and how much of an effect your choices will have on the narrative. Check it out above.

We follow a mission that sees protagonist Aiden Caldwell attempt to turn the pumps back on at a rival faction's stronghold and return water to the city after an initial meeting goes south. Footage shows off a gory combat system, a grappling hook along with a number of new parkour stunts, and most importantly, plot decisions that will greatly affect what happens in the story.

Multiple key choices have to be made in the 26 minute stretch of gameplay - with the first being whether you decide to continue with the mission at all or instead help your injured friend. After Aiden chooses to leave his friends to aid the fallen soldier, he battles his way through the zombie-infested city until he comes face to face with the Colonel. He tries to convince Aiden that there's a better way to handle all of this, but after refusing his help, the main character turns on the water pumps and completes the quest - but also reveals a whole new type of danger in the process.

Draining the dam uncovers a whole new piece of land to explore, as well as a brand new enemy type. Who knows if we would have ever encountered this foe had the mission gone differently - proving just how important your decisions could be. Dying Light 2 hits PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020, and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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