When will publishers ever learn? Behind closed doors trailers at public conventions never work, because the footage always leaks – and in the worst bitrate imaginable at that. Death Stranding is the latest game to fall foul to the infamous potato cam, as someone at Gamescom 2019 recorded the release's “secret” PlayStation booth trailer.

This is heavy on exposition, and effectively sets the scene for the entire game. The protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, encounters Amelie and Die Hardman, who inform him that he must take a journey West in order to effectively reconnect the so-called United Cities of America. Are you starting to pick up on the themes that Hideo Kojima is shooting for yet?

It’s the same kind of mumbo-jumbo that’s featured in every trailer from the PlayStation 4 exclusive thus far, but at least we’re beginning to learn a little more about the objectives of the game now. Despite the hero declining the aforementioned mission, we reckon this is going to be one long hiking expedition, where you’re going to be transporting packages and parts in order to integrate terminals into the, er, Chiral Web.

Think of it like Ubisoft Towers: The Game, and you should be getting a better idea of what to expect come 8th November.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]