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Days Gone came in for plenty of criticism from some corners of the Internet prior to its release, but it’s actually the best-selling new IP of the year in the UK. New research from the Entertainment Retail Association – which sources physical game sales data and digital estimates – reveals that the moody open world exclusive sold 229,182 units through the first six months of 2019. That’s a particularly impressive statistic when you consider that it only released on 26th April.

In fact the game has outperformed some big’uns, including BioWare’s hotly anticipated ANTHEM, which may have disappointed critically but was on the receiving end of a monstrous marketing campaign. The multiformat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice couldn’t touch Sony Bend’s biker-themed zombie apocalypse either. Hopefully we get some official worldwide sales figures from the platform holder soon, as all the evidence suggests Deacon St. John’s debut has been a surprise smash hit.