Bl3 Mech Monster

With Borderlands 3 less than two weeks away from launch, it's time to start looking past the experience we get on day one. While it is sure to be an incredibly meaty game from the day it releases, Gearbox's latest will be continuously updated with free content drops and paid DLC.

Between the 13th September launch and 2020, the looter shooter will receive two free event updates and the first of the four pieces of DLC planned for the title. The two pieces that arrive at no extra cost, Bloody Harvest and Maliwan Takedown, will include new content, activities, enemies, and exclusive rewards. Furthermore, the latter will introduce a new map and powerful rewards that can be earned by defeating a new boss.

The first major piece of downloadable content wasn't detailed in any depth, but we can expect it to be of a good length and introduce new areas, weapons, and classes. And, of course, much more content will follow next year. Are you excited to dive into Borderlands 3 on 13th September? Loot and shoot in the comments below.