Disney's Aladdin Mega Drive PS4 PlayStation 4

This author has been welcomed back from holiday with a bit of news he never thought he'd see. Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King were two surprisingly good platformers back in the 90s, and it looks like they're making a return on modern machines.

The source for this news is slightly dubious but it seems legitimate to us. According to Twitter user @wolverinefactor, both games are coming to PlayStation 4 in a remaster collection. This was apparently revealed during a GameStop Managers presentation -- the same one where fresh The Last of Us Part II footage was shown. Allegedly, the package will contain the Mega Drive and SNES versions of both games, and is due for release in October. This has been backed up by GameXplain; it received a hastily taken image of the announcement, which can be seen here.

We'd expect a public announcement to be made pretty soon. Do you want to see remasters of Aladdin and The Lion King on PS4? Which versions did you play growing up? Roar at some monkeys in the comments below.

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