Final Fantasy Vii Remake E3 2019 Screenshot 6 1560213835

Will Final Fantasy VII Remake release on consoles other than PS4? Yes, of course it will - eventually. The folks over at Xbox Germany clearly didn't get that memo, though, because it has just tried to will an Xbox One release date into existence via a Facebook post.

The post has since been deleted, but here's a screenshot for proof:

FFVII Remake Xbox One

Every piece of marketing material for the game states that it will release first on PS4, without any other mention of rival platforms - meaning that a launch on Microsoft's system on the same day as PS4 is all but impossible. Confirming the mistake was Maxi Graff, marketing communications and social lead over at Microsoft, who said in a tweet: "Hey. We did an internal mistake in the Social Team. We took the video off immediately. Sorry, no announcement on our side. Big apologies for this."

So there we have it, Xbox Germany jumped the gun by six months or something in that ballpark. In fact, both Sony's and Microsoft's next-generation systems will most likely already be on the market by the time you can play Final Fantasy VII Remake anywhere else. Cheers timed exclusivity!