Cyberpunk 2077 Projects Multiplayer

Here's an interesting little detail picked up through a recent CD Projekt conference: the Polish company currently has not one, not two, but three Cyberpunk projects in the works. One of them is obviously Cyberpunk 2077, but what about the other two?

As Polish publication reports, CD Projekt president Adam Kiciński has confirmed that the developer is busy behind the scenes. Kiciński said, "We're working on three Cyberpunk things -- that's the main game and two more. These are three [development] teams."

One such team is based in Wrocław, where reportedly, around 40 people are working some form of multiplayer for Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt has previously said that multiplayer is something that the developer was considering for Cyberpunk 2077, but always reiterated that the game would launch as a single player title only. Going by this new report, it sounds like a multiplayer mode is all but confirmed for some point after release.

So what about the third project? Well, this is where things get even more juicy. Vice president Piotr Nielubowicz states that CD Projekt's next "big" game will also be set in the world of Cyberpunk. "Our next big project will also be in the 'Cyberpunk' universe, and we're already working on it and treating it as a really big and innovative project for us," Nielubowicz said. Very interesting.

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