The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 Performance

Following the release of its latest expansion, Elsweyr, near the beginning of June, The Elder Scrolls Online has run into a number of performance problems on all platforms. These issues range from frustrating bouts of lag to plummeting frame rates, and they've resulted in a bit of a backlash from players over the last few weeks.

In particular, the game can really struggle when it's running on a base PlayStation 4, and developer Zenimax Online Studios has acknowledged this. In a new statement to the community, director Rich Lambert has outlined a series of performance improvements that will be coming to The Elder Scrolls Online over the next nine months or so.

These improvements include an overhaul to how the game manages memory, behind-the-scenes combat improvements, a patching overhaul, faster loading for environmental assets and characters, server stability improvements, and frame rate improvements. Be sure to check out the official blog for all the details.

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