Did you know there’s a second movie in the Angry Birds franchise? Nuts, eh? Not only that but XR Games has teamed up with Sony Pictures and Rovio to create The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure – a brand new PlayStation VR title with an emphasis on asymmetrical co-op play. This leverages the hardware’s social screen feature, allowing the headset wear to assume the role of submarine captain while those on the TV commandeer the bird-based crew.

“Ultimately, we wanted to make a game about friends and family succeeding together, to make a social VR experience that’s completely positive,” senior game designer Richard Boon wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “The captain and crew roles complement each other, which creates a unique experience – but also gives the captain lots of tools to help new crew learn the game.”

It’s a nice idea, and something we haven’t seen anywhere near enough of on PSVR. More importantly, this does appear to be a unique twist on the tried and tested Angry Birds formula, which should make it refreshing for lapsed fans of the franchise. We still can’t believe there’s another movie, though. What next? The Emoji Movie 2? Urgh.

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