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Sucker Punch writer Jordan Lemos – who’s currently busy beavering away on Japanese samurai open worlder Ghost of Tsushima – “revealed” a sequel to The Order: 1886 on a podcast this week. Given his position within the Worldwide Studios family, Reddit was quick to pick up on the story, prompting the scribe to clarify that he misunderstood a series of stories based on an interview with creative director Ru Weerasuriya.

“Last I heard, they were actually doing a second one,” he told our friends from the Gamerheads podcast. “So I don't know if they were already in development at that point so they were like ‘Well, let’s just keep going and hoping the next one's better or people like it more’ kinda thing.”

Given the story has picked up so much steam over the past few hours, Lemos took to Twitter to explain that he has no access to inside information. “I know nothing about a sequel,” he said, before presenting screenshots of several slightly misleading stories on the subject.

It’s hardly a surprise really: there were likeable things about the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s lore, but the project clearly invested far too much effort into the wrong areas. Could there be a much greater sequel that does the series’ intriguing universe justice? Absolutely. But the likelihood of it happening, as disappointing as it may be, is practically nil. It’s probably time for enthusiasts to move on from Sir Galahad and his gang – the series is over.

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