It's almost time for the third season of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. Debuting on 4th July, the 80s themed mixtape of drama, action, and thriller makes a return to the small screen, and if you're in Europe, you can deck out your PlayStation 4 with a brand new promotional theme to celebrate.

Also available on the Japanese PS Store at the time of writing, the Stranger Things 3 theme is free to download right now. You can see the theme in action in the above video, although it unfortunately has the music muted. We've tested the theme out ourselves, and it plays the show's main theme. It's not the most inspired dynamic theme we've seen on PS4, but it's not costing you anything, so why not grab it?

Presumably, the theme will be made available in North America soon -- we'll update this article if and when it shows up. Will you be using this Stranger Things dynamic theme on your PS4? Are you excited for season three? Go upside down in the comments below.