Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC Rumours Aliens Remake

Update: The Reddit poster has admitted that they made it all up. Looks like we were right to be cynical, and, as per usual, this is another fine example of why you shouldn't believe everything that you read on the internet.

Still, Arthur Morgan versus aliens... We wouldn't say no.

Original story: Another week, another frankly ridiculous Rockstar rumour. When it's not Grand Theft Auto 6 "leaks", it's crazy Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC theories, and this latest one is a corker. Coming straight outta Reddit, a poster claims that they know an environmental artist over at Rockstar, who's apparently working an absurd-sounding Red Dead Redemption 2 story DLC.

Supposedly, the additional (non-canon, we presume) story will see Arthur Morgan deal with aliens. That's right, honest-to-god aliens. The poster doesn't have much more information than this, but we're not sure that we need it. While Rockstar has a history of including alien-based Easter Eggs in its games -- and let's face it, Undead Nightmare was a mental idea for DLC -- this is still something that we'd have to see to believe.

The second part of the rumour seems more grounded in reality, at least. It states that Rockstar has also been working on a full remake of the original Red Dead Redemption, which will utilise all of the tech from Red Dead Redemption 2. This isn't the first time we've heard of this 'Red Dead Remake', either. Rumours have been swirling for months, and back in December of last year, a Red Dead Redemption 2 audio glitch seemed to suggest that it's happening, or that such a project had been in the works at one point.

The poster concludes by saying that the Red Dead Redemption remake is pencilled in for a December 2020 or January 2021 release date. That's a long while away, so if there really is any truth to this rumour, we're going to be waiting for quite some time before we get confirmation. We assume Arthur will be gunning down the alien menace before then, though.

What do you think of this one? Do you believe? Spy a UFO in the comments section below.