WayForward’s bringing a hearty helping of girl power to the PlayStation 4 from 5th September, with the refreshingly retro River City Girls. The latest in the long line of Kunio-Kun titles will flip the script, seeing high-schoolers Kyoko and Misako slugging their way through the mean streets of the titular River City in pursuit of their boyfriends.

There’s a hint of Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim to the animation and art style, which is no bad thing. Expect some depth to this beat-‘em-up, too, as you interact with NPCs and purchase stat-boosting items. According to the press release, you’ll even be able to recruit defeated enemies to fight on your side – all to the beat of an original synthpop soundtrack, as revealed by the trailer embedded above.

With a price point of $29.99, we can’t help but ponder whether the popular developer’s pushing its luck here, but if the gameplay can remain engaging over the course of its full campaign, then it may be worth a punt. Are you feeling the lure of baes with baseball bats? Show off your street smarts in the comments section below.

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