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Update: In an unprecedented move, Sony has altered PS Plus' July 2019 lineup, replacing the divisive PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer with the warmly received Detroit: Become Human. You'll still get excellent arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo, too.

Here's what the platform holder said on Twitter:

While we had some issues with the plot, we loved Quantic Dream's triple-pronged sci-fi drama. Here's what we said in our review:

Detroit: Become Human is vintage Quantic Dream, delivering a multifaceted choose-your-own-adventure that’s both ambitious and somewhat of an acquired taste. It’s clear that remarkable attention has been poured into the title's vision of the near-future, which makes it harder to suspend disbelief over some of its smaller narrative oversights. The game huffs-and-puffs, but never really brings anything new to its core theme of androids awakening to human emotions – and yet despite its relative familiarity, it’s an impressively replayable interactive story with a frightening number of variables of which there’s nothing else quite like.

There's even better news for disgruntled subscribers: Sony is giving away the Digital Deluxe edition of Detroit: Become Human, which means you'll also receive the PS4 port of Heavy Rain as an added bonus. Here's what we said about the innovative adventure game in our review:

The forecast was never exactly great for Heavy Rain on the PS4. This remains a ground-breaking game, and it's still possible to appreciate the areas where it innovated, but time has not been kind to the title's damp performances and dismal writing. If you're eager to go back to the release that gave life to the current spate of narrative-driven games, then this new-gen port does an admirable job of sprucing up the visuals. But while we don't want to hang this important outing out to dry, you should certainly beware of the inclement weather within.

Original Article: July 2019's PlayStation Plus games lineup has been revealed. As per usual, subscribers are getting two PlayStation 4 titles. For July, it's PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer and Horizon Chase Turbo. The latter's a pretty fun racer but, er... We hope you like football!

To be fair, we liked PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer a fair amount, awarding it a safe but sturdy 7/10 in our review:

Rather than overhauling the experience, PES 2019: Pro Evolution Soccer continues to refine its gameplay loop with intricate features that fans will come to appreciate in the long term. With no major additions in terms of modes or licences, however, this 2019 edition feels a little light in terms of real talking points. What Pro Evolution Soccer is known for returns, but it’s not stocking many new bells or whistles.

Meanwhile, we recommended Horizon Chase Turbo in our Indie Bin feature:

Horizon Chase Turbo, with its flat shading and scorching synths, will catch the eye of old-school OutRun fans. But while it shares many similarities with Yu Suzuki’s legendary racer, it’s very much its own thing; events are segregated into circuits, where you’ll need to weave in and out of traffic in order to reach the front of the pack. It plays more like PixelJunk Racers than Coast 2 Coast, but its shifting backdrops and primary colours give it a great 90s flair. Rock solid performance and an enormous campaign mean that you’ll be behind the wheel for a while, but the initial novelty may fade before you see everything that the title’s got to offer.

The two PS4 games will be available to download next week, starting from Tuesday the 2nd July.

What do you make of July's PS Plus selection? Good? Bad? Give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.