Atlus has released another 'Morgana Report' video, detailing some of the new stuff that players will find in Persona 5 Royal. Alongside a smattering of fresh gameplay footage, the ten minute video highlights a handful of new systems, tweaks, and minor additions.

For starters, we get to see Yusuke and Ann's special team attack, or 'Show Time' attack, in action. We've broken down the rest of the video below, with the help of Gematsu's translation.

  • Personas can have "traits" now, adding another layer of customisation. Traits can have different effects on a persona, and they can be carried over via fusion.
  • There are now character accessories that grant specific skills for use in battle.
  • Playing darts with your allies in the new Kichijoji area of the map increases the effectiveness of baton pass mechanic in combat. When performed, a baton pass can now have additional effects, like increased attack power or SP recovery. The latter could be a real game changer.
  • There's a new shop in Kichijoji where you can sell unwanted armour. Doing so nets you points, and you can spend those points on what sounds like rare items or equipment.
  • In the video, Morgana seems to suggest that the original story of Persona 5 won't be changed -- at least not in any significant way. It's unclear whether this just means that the overarching plot will be the same, or whether everything will be the same.

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