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Posting about job listings isn't always that interesting, but Media Molecule isn't your average game studio. The whimsical Guildford developer has updated the jobs page on its official site, and this new opening sounds like an incredible opportunity. In a nutshell, the Sony studio is looking to contract small dev teams to create fresh content for its ever-impressive PlayStation 4 exclusive, Dreams.

That's right -- Media Molecule is looking to hire a handful of fresh faced developers to make brand new projects using the very same tools we've all been messing with in Early Access.

"Some of the exciting opportunities we have require the skills of a small professional development team," reads the job description. "Are you a small dev team looking to collaborate on something larger or looking for a small project to help fund your next gig? This isn’t just normal outsourcing, it is much more about finding teams that want to collaborate with us on content for Dreams."

With next to no requirements aside from experience using the game's tools, this opens up the door to a potentially vast number of people. Whether it's individuals looking for a way into the industry, or small professional teams in need of work, this seems like a great idea. It will be very interesting to see what comes from this collaboration; Dreams is effectively a game engine, and a small team working full-time on projects using its toolkit could lead to some amazing results.

What do you think of this? Is Media Molecule smart to bring in teams to make original content within Dreams? Update your CV in the comments below.

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